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Stabilized Kingman Turquoise
Dark Blue Kingman Black Matrix AA Grade

AA grade Kingman stabilized black matrix. New vein, natural color. All sizes available. Medium to heavy matrix available. Soft and easy to cut. Please email for pricing.

Medium Blue Kingman Black Matrix AA Grade

All sizes available, less, medium or heavy black matrix. New vein. Easy to cut and polish. Used in some Zuni inlay. Cuts into all sizes of free forms and calibrated cabochons. Stabilized, natural color. Email for pricing.

Light Blue Kingman Black Matrix AA Grade
All sizes available. Less, Medium or heaver black matrix available. New vein. Soft and easy to cut. Cuts beads, cabochons, inlay and carves very well. Email for pricing.

Smokey Kingman Turquoise

New Kingman medium to dark blue heavy smokey black matrix. Stabilized, natural color. Cuts and polishes very easy. Large cabs and beads suggested. Resembles Smokey Bisbee look from the 1970's. Well priced, email for pricing. All sizes available.

Kingman Dark Blue Stabilized
Thin stabilized cabbing flats. 4-8mm thick only. Medium to dark blue. Light matrix. For pricing please inquire thru email. info.colbaugh@citlink.net

Kingman High Grade Green Rough

AAA grade green cutting rough.Medium to large pieces available. Clear to gold matrix pieces. Great for large cabs. Slab earrings and beads. Also smaller sizes available for inlay projects. Price based on sizing.

Stabilized Green cutting Rough
Medium to large pieces available. 1/2"-1" thick. Light to dark green. This material has a lot of character with swirl patterns. Perfect to butterfly for matching sets.
Sold @$150/lb.